Straight-Line Coach was founded in 1986 in San Francisco by Dusan Djukich and today has a global presence.

Straight-Line Methodologies focus on assisting highly committed entrepreneurs, executives and business owners to get unreasonable results in outrageous time frames.

We get to the source of why individuals fail to apply their hard earned knowledge base. We provide you with highly practical strategies that once implemented lead to effective, highly productive lives and businesses.


Johan van der Put


Johan was the first Certified Straight-Line Coach in Europe and brought this coaching technology to the vast majority of European nations.

He has a unique talent for helping people live their lives fully, and with no regrets. The focus of Johan’s work is on influencing the desired outcomes of entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, and companies. Johan is an outstanding keynote speaker on Straight-Line Coaching and Straight-Line Leadership. He shares potent insights on creating cutting-edge performance, and getting to the source of challenging problems with mid-sized and large organizations throughout Europe.

Steve Tefsky


Steve is known for his straightforward, no nonsense approach in assisting individuals and companies to get more of what they want and in many instances, to get rid of what they don’t want.

His expertise includes strategy, recruiting, retention, sales, organization, and leadership making him a highly versatile corporate catalyst. When his schedule permits, Steve enjoys training and coaching non-profit organizations in achieving their fundraising goals.

Dusan Djukich

(USA) Dusan Djukich

Dusan is co-founder and a Senior Partner for Corporate Reinvention Associates, a global coaching firm that specializes in individual and organizational performance.

He is the creator and developer of Straight-Line Coaching technologies. For the last 30 years, Dusan has been privileged to work with more than 5,000 entrepreneurs, Senior-Level Executives and highly committed individuals from all walks of life in creating unreasonable results with his unconventional coaching style.